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"This is the first truly start to finish, step by step guide to running your own successful Coffee Shop. Using these steps helped me increase the profit of my shop by over 50% within weeks!" -J.M.



I am thinking of opening a Coffee Shop, why do I need "The Essential Coffee Shop Profit Guide?"

Simple—it beats any other system on the market providing you with the most complete, value packed program to help you get going and make sure your cafe is a sucess. This is such an effective program, it has been implemented by prominent coffee franchises and has brought their profit up by over 50%. This program has been created from years of experience and knowledge within the industry and until now has only been passed on through first hand consulting. Now available to the public, this is the most comprehensive program out there, ready to help you make your coffee shop explode with business.

How do I know this will work? - We back up our program more than 100%.

We not only practice what we preach, but we guarantee the systems will work for you too. The Guide was developed and taught by some of the greatest coffee shop guru's who have years of hands on experience opening, running and managing coffee shops. They have worked with all types of operations all the way from Starbucks Corporate in Seattle, down to the local sole proprietor's shops. Learn their methods and get inside of the heads of some of the greatest minds in the business today.

See the unpaid testimonials for feedback from others in the coffee industry who have used The Guide and have seen the results.

The Essential Coffee Shop Profit Guide was designed to stand apart in the industry by providing and guaranteeing a program that consists of everything from a coffee shop specific desinged P&L financial statement that will tell you how much you are profiting (or losing) every month, to providing you with the forms needed to run your shop on a day to day basis. There is no other program like it anywhere near the price that is so jam packed with proven information that is guaranteed to grow your profits this week! You would have to spend thousands of dollars and invest years to gain the knowledge that The Guide is filled with.

The Guide has been tested and tried and repeatedly has proven a success. It has even helped current owners increase their profit more than 50% within weeks! There truly is no other product like it on the market. If you would look for comparable training you would find that you would need to spend thousands of dollars, leave your shop for weeks at a time to travel while you lose any profit your shop might have gained while being open. You can get access to this training right now at a fraction of the price.

Can it help me increase my current profit?

Do you currently own a coffee shop and are fed up and frustrated with the amount of work you put in, but the small amount of reward you receive? Do you feel like your life is your coffee shop and you can't get away? Learn how to turn your shop around, increasing your profit and getting it to run almost completely on "autopilot."

If your coffee shop currently leaves you feeling drained emotionally and financially the incredibly powerfull tools provided in The Guidewill help you get your life and wallet back! You may be leaving thousands of dollars on the table without even knowing it.

By implementing the techniques in The Guide, you can return your financial investment within a matter of days.

How much would you pay to have a Top-Performance Coffee Shop Coach step into the day to day business of your shop and give you the systems needed to allow you the finances and time to go on vacation within the next 3 months? What would you give to have a whole week to yourself and not even have to worry about your shop?

Using just one of the tips from The Guide you can easily recapture the minimal investment you put in. For example, if you currently have a coffee shop with an average of 300 customers a day, you can change just one thing you do from one of the chapters and increase your PROFIT by $960 per month.

Many of the more popular consulting and training programs out there cost thousands of dollars and require either travel (added expenses) and/or lost production (do you close your store while you are gone?). The Guide allows you to be able to learn about these incredible tools right at home and for a fraction of the cost.

The "Building Whole Bean Sales" report.

As a bonus you will receive an incredibly powerful tool called the "How to Build Whole Bean Sales" report that is packed with high powered marketing programs designed to increase your cash flow right now. This report alone is worth thousands of dollars, but is offered for free as a bonus with your purchase.

You won't be able to wait to start using these low and no cost, high impact tools designed specifically for the coffee industry.

Forms and Manuals.

The Essential Guide comes with a complete set of all of the forms required to track your cash flow (A coffee shop specific-created P&L), manage your inventory like the pros so you aren't wasting money warehousing product, and a Beverage Costing Table to help you determine just how much you spend on each drink.

What does the CC System contain?

The Essential Guide will teach each soon-to-be successful coffee shop owner tons of tips on how to grow your bottom dollar. It gives you all of the tools you will need to get your shop turned around, saving you hundreds of hours of work.

The complete 13-Chapter Report includes:

- 3 Super-powerful sales building tips that could be worth over $5,000 a month in profit to you.

- 9 profit increasing tips that will show you how you might be letting hundreds or thousands of dollars per month escape your bank account. With just implementing a few of these simple tips (very easy changes in management) you could dramatically increase your current profit margin.

BONUS Tool 1: How to Build Whole Bean Sales Report.
BONUS Tool 2: A Coffee Shop Specific Profit and Loss (P&L) Financial Statement.

By using this "insider secret's" program, you will be provided with thousands of dollars worth of information including:

- How to get your store so busy it has all of the customers it can handle.

- How to get your customers to do your advertising for you.

- How to increase your pay and work less.

- A step-by-step program on developing new customers and accounts.

- Choosing which products and services you will offer in your shop (what provides the most perceived value).

- Accounting and Bookkeeping, what to track, when to track it and what does it mean?

- How much to charge for your products and services and determining the pricing structures you should utilize.

- Setting cost and cash flow controls.

- Totally customizable forms to help you run and manage your business.

- Supplies management training.

Order within the next 60 minutes and receive the following bonuses:

- The "How To Build Whole Bean Sales Report" designed to help you increase your current profits by $1,000 or more per month starting this week!


Keep the bonuses, refund includes shipping


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